• High Brightness FIB System : ¡®Prometheus¡®

¨ç High Brightness ICP Ion Source
¨è High Speed Cutting
¨é Compact Ultra High Vacuum
¨ê Hybrid Motorized Stage System
    ¡æ Micro Positioner


  • High Brightness ICP Ion Source


  Xe, Ar Inert Gas

  Increased Life time of Ion source

  > More than 2000hrs


Ion Beam Source Plasma Source LMIS Source  
Ion Beam Source Gas Xe ( @ICP ) Ga(@Liquid )  
Beam Current > 1000 nA < 65nA Strongest Beam
Milling Speed 1.2 hr @300§­ > 6hr @300§­ Up to 5X Speed
Source Life time > 2,000 hr < 1,000 hr