• FIB Laboratory

Mainly focused on FIB applications in Nano, Micro fabrication and semiconductor Packaging for interface characterization and analysis. In order to respond to customer requirements and ever-increasing needs for FIB service, We can build a high brightness FIB System and FE-SEM. FIB Lab. at SL Innovation can provide the detailed FIB analysis results for the various R&D and industrial samples.


- Semiconductor Packaging Analysis: Solder Ball, Bump, Bonding Wire
- MEMS Analysis: Analysis of micro-bonding surface characteristics
- Sensor and Bio-chip : FIB cut and FE-SEM


  • SEM Service Offering

Item Details Notes
Service Chrge 35,000 ₩ / (hr)  
Sample Coationg 5,000 ₩ / (1 Item) Pt Coationg
  ( exclude VAT )  
『 SEM System : Hitachi S4000
『 Sample Size : 10 X 10 (mm)
『 For more information, please contact us


  • Service Offering

Application Delivery Notes
Solder Ball (~400um) 3days from reservation 『Emergency Service Possible
Other depend on sample
『 Decap Service Not Included
『 Sample Size : 10 X 10 (mm)
『 Service offering depends on Sample
『 For more information, please contact us